The American School provides a safe place for all students to learn solid habits of mind, body, and character necessary for success. The school community has collectively agreed upon the following Expected School-wide Learning Results; to develop the school’s programs:


Each TAS graduate is an effective communicator and critical thinker who

  1. Reads, writes, and speaks effectively and critically.
  2. Demonstrates a work ethic that reflects dependability, integrity, and honesty.
  3. Applies complex problem-solving processing and critical thinking to real-life scenarios while cooperating and collaborating with others.
  4. Sets goals and actualizes these goals.



Each TAS graduate will have been exposed to the arts in various forms and thus:

  1. Appreciates the fine and performing arts as a means of self-expression, creativity, and aesthetic enjoyment.
  2. Engages in inquiry, experimentation, design and sharing of their own artistic work.
  3. Values his or her unique identity and realizes his or her full potential through participation in a variety of arts experiences.
  4. Demonstrates the ability to reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of various forms of artwork—both of their own work and the work of others.


Each TAS graduate understands that a healthy body supports a healthy mind, and who

  1. Understands the benefits of being physically fit.
  2. Has developed a sense of worthiness and positive self-esteem.
  3. Practices good nutrition and fitness and avoids high-risk behaviors.
  4. Identifies the benefits of maintaining good health, good nutrition, good exercise habits and positive life choices.


Each TAS graduate is a socially-responsive citizen who

  1. Takes responsibility for his/her own actions.
  2. Exhibits social and civic leadership in fulfilling the duties of citizenship; promoting social justice; and strengthening family, community, and environment.
  3. Demonstrates that they act honestly, ethically, and responsibly toward themselves and others.
  4. Respects diverse cultures, lifestyles, and ideas.